The core activity of Olsson Building Pty Ltd is construction of residential and commercial properties. The business provides a complete service, including design consultation and quotes, supply and installation of equipment and fittings, all associated building services, after sales maintenance and a six-year guarantee covering workmanship.

Olsson Building Pty Ltd seeks to build projects that are reflections of our company’s values and high standards of quality. We adhere to the belief that a job done right the first time is a job done right, built to the owner’s specifications, and within or below budget. We believe this serves to build solid, lasting client relationships with the people we work with.

We will accomplish this with a sincere dedication to quality construction, fair and competitive pricing, realistic planning and scheduling, and a profound sense of pride in our work. We strive to provide these services in a work environment that is safe, cooperative, and professional in all areas. 

We believe our subcontractors and vendors are a vital part of the success of any venture that we undertake. We have a long-standing good working relationship with a variety of subcontractors that over time have proven to perform and provide services to a high standard.

In essence this allows our company the opportunity to provide our clients with a guaranteed quality product. We believe that a solid contractor - subcontractor relationship serves to create a positive atmosphere on any project and fosters a cooperative environment that promotes excellence in all areas of the project.

Not only do we encourage safety, it is our policy. We will make every effort to reduce work-related injuries and illness by promoting safe working conditions and programs. A safe job site not only allows a project to progress on schedule, it also helps to contain costs and improve client satisfaction while protecting our employees from life threatening or potentially dangerous job situations.

Olsson Building Pty Ltd. is an experienced and growing company. We will continue to grow because we approach each project opportunity as a challenge. A challenge to improve, to innovate, to establish new working relationships, to perform with integrity, and to exceed expectations.

This is what we stand for. This is what we believe.